Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Felicem Diem Natalem!

Salvete omnes! 

Welcome to my brand new blog home for 2017. I am looking forward to sharing many things with you this year, hopefully every few weeks. 

First, today’s post isn’t much of a post about teaching or learning. I wanted to start the blog today because January 3rd is the birthday of Marcus Tullius Cicero, and, well, my blog does include his name. I have chosen to do this because in the minds of many, he is the pinnacle of Latin. He was also a novus homo, a relative newcomer to the long tradition of Roman politics. I love that duality because as I appreciate the ancient world and have a reverence for history and tradition at times, I also believe in change and the search for new and better ways of doing things. But that ancient and famous Cicero, representing Latin & Classical culture, is only one part of this blog. 

In addition, this blog will be about Comprehensible Input. I believe in what CI can do for all students, and I see ways that learning about it can benefit all teachers (even teachers of subjects besides language). I have taken from the wonderful online community of teachers who have shared much about CI, and I feel it is my time to give back in the best way that I know how. So, I will ‘cover’ the topic of CI (cerō “I cover with wax” + CI) on this blog, especially as it pertains to my own Latin classroom.  

With that all said, be on the lookout for a lengthier post later this week. :-)

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